Meeting Rooms

Three seminar rooms (Hans Castorp, Settembrini and Salon Chauchat - named after three characters from the novel "The Magic Mountain") with the corresponding group rooms and all equipped with modern technology and free WiFi make up the exclusive world of Waldhotel seminars. The conference rooms can be divided differently depending on the occasion, group size and seating for meetings, seminars, presentations and lectures. The rooms are designed to communicate a bright and friendly atmosphere: maple parquet floors, reddish orange chairs, light and airy curtains.


Hans castorp (1)
Settembrini (2)
Salon Chauchat (3)

Table of room sizes and seating styles

  Length y broad m
Block Seminar U-shape Theatre
Hans castorp (1) 48 9.5 x 4.8 18 20 18 40
Settembrini (2) 36 7.5 x 4.8 14 12 14 30
Seminarraum 1+2 84 17 x 4.8 26 36 -- 70
Salon Chauchat (3) 23 4.5 x 5 10 8 6 12

The room height amounts to the Seminar areas 2.60 metres, in the salon 2.45 metres.

Free WiFi is available in all seminar rooms.

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