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All our events are open to the public, that means also persons from outside the hotel can take part and are very welcome!


Public vernissage for the exhibition "Perceiving or passing by" - a photo journey through the Grisons

Aperitif, exhibition opening and Meet & Greet with the artists Bernd Sannwald and Dieter Härtter
17.00 h Waldhotel Davos, cordial invitation - admission free of charge


Exhibition | "Perceiving or passing by" - a photo journey through the Grisons

Flims has been Bernd Sannwald's second home for over sixty years. Just like Dieter Härtter, he is taken with the symbiosis of the immense nature with tradition and modernity. Some time ago, Bernd Sannwald was asked, if he could imagine photographing Graubünden with his own eyes. Together with Dieter Härtter, he set off on a journey through the canton. They visited around 90 places and recorded their impressions with their cameras. Each in their own individual way. Sannwald in search of the mysterious in the everyday, Härtter in search of a motif for editing on the computer.

The Grisons from a different angle
For Sannwald, the project demanded a balancing act between reportage, i.e. photography of beautiful buildings and other special features, which goes into the long shot, and his actual concern to produce "real Sannwalds", in which the mysterious in particular has to be developed.In Dieter Härtter's work, the tension of a picture does not come from the photography, but from its reduction. He takes a lot out of his photograph and processes it on the computer to create a picture all of its own. This creates an almost graphic impression. He likes to experiment with materials, over- or underpainting his pictures.

Useful information:
The exhibition also includes works by Bernd Sannwald that are not directly related to the photo book "Wahrnehmen oder Vorübergehen - eine Fotoreise durch Graubünden" ("Perceiving or passing by - a photo journey through Graubünden"), so to say typical Sannwalds.

The exhibition is open to the public | opening hours daily: 9 am - 6 pm. The visit is free of charge. You will find the photographs mainly in our Ignis Bar & Lounge, in the two restaurants and in the conference area. On 1st Juli the artists will be on site for the vernissage. On 3rd August, in addition to the exhibition, there will be a lecture by the artist and trained psychotherapist Bernd Sannwald on the subject of "Perception and Reality in Art". 

A cooperation with the artists and Kulturplatz Davos (Teaser exhibition)


The Swingmasters will ensure a great atmosphere again this year, after they managed to bring the audience to its feet and themselves to the tables at last year's Waldhotel concert...
But they are not only musically buoyant and super likeable, they also offer high quality classical jazz, for which they have already been honoured with numerous awards. What characterises them is their versatility, which is expressed in their numerous programmes. In recent years, for example, they have developed a show around Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Benny Goodman and Gerry Mulligan. In 2022 they played "Pure Entertainment" in Davos, this year a "Las Vegas - Show" is planned at a special concert on Sunday - dancing of course is possible!

Swinging jazz concert with a fine 4-course jazz menu in our restaurant Atrium
Price CHF 78 per person
Table reservations are requested



Boogie Royale entertains us at this cosy but also swinging afternoon concert.
This band not only brings an attractive singer - Swedish-born Viveca Lindhe - with an expressive voice, but also two other thoroughbred jazz musicians, K.C. Miller and Andreas Bock, who skilfully interpret boogie-woogie as well as complex blues or the great swing standards. This band is characterised by the fact that everything is handmade and does not require a lot of electronics - danceable, concert-like and diverse.

Help yourself to our large cake and dessert buffet (small / large dish CHF 12 / 18). Coffee or tea will be served.

Of course you can also dance.



In cooperation with the association "Raum und Zeit", the director Bernhard Mikeska and the actor Peter Jecklin we are organising:

Im Zauberberg - Thomas Mann@DAVOS
VR installation for one person each
A production by RAUM+ZEIT (Zurich)
in co-production with Kulturplatz Davos

Due to the great success of the VR installation "Im Zauberberg - Thomas Mann@Davos" in July 2022, we are pleased to be able to show it again in 2023 for one week in the Waldhotel.

Curious? Watch our Trailer 

This is what the press says about the VR installation.

It is 1912. Alone you enter an original patient room in the former lung sanatorium.

Sitting on the edge of the bed is none other than Hans Castorp, the protagonist from "The Magic Mountain". In the visit, Castorp recognises his creator, Thomas Mann. He has been waiting for him up here for seven long years. Equipped with VR glasses, you will experience the confrontation between the famous author and his creature as an encounter with his own transience.

You can find out more about this, as well as ticket prices and purchase here:
Im Zauberberg - Thomas Mann@Davos

Advance reservations are recommended and already possible: | 081 415 15 15


In his lecture, artist and photographer Bernd Sannwald explores the question of what and how we see. How our personal environment, our imprint, experiences and feelings influence our perception. His pictures lead the viewer away from the surface into deeper levels, where hidden and mysterious things can be discovered.

In his psychotherapeutic work, he explores with his clients the hidden, the unconscious, the personal truth. Those who learn to see and sense the levels beneath the surface reach there through a kind of transcendence and become wider, deeper and calmer.

Also when looking at art, a different view is very helpful to perceive what is hidden, hidden behind it. Letting go and not wanting to know - this leads to the mysterious emerging and new perspectives opening up. 

Bernd Sannwald's photographs are very well suited to illustrate this individual perception, as they are often mysterious, even painting-like.

  • From 4.45 p.m. arrival of the audience
  • 5.00 p.m. Lecture (duration approx. 35 - 40 minutes)
  • Walk through the exhibition (guided or alone) 
  • from approx. 18.20 / 18.30 apéro with the artists
  • admission free, registration requested - / 081 415 15 15

Tip: Combine your visit to the lecture and the exhibition with a delicious dinner in our restaurant Atrium and review what you have heard and seen.


In numerous chamber music, orchestral and solo concerts, the Davos Festival 2023 musically and philosophically explores the different facets and colours of "ALONE", illuminates musical solos, philosophises about being single and sometimes even talks to oneself.

On 8 August at 3 p.m. the concert "Auf Kur" - a "walking conzert" will take place at the Waldhotel. More information will follow.