22 December - 02 January

Festive season

During the festive season not only Davos, but also at Waldhotel there a lots of activities: concert, magic show, lecture, Christmas in the forest and many more...

Sample program for festive season


Pre-reservation form festive season

We reserve the room(s) of your choice temporarily for you corresponding to this years’ reservation or according to your wishes. You will subsequently receive a Waldhotel mail in the month of September, reminding you about your reservation and asking you to make your booking definite until October. Did
your plans change in the meantime? No problem: just tell us or ignore our mail. Your pre-reservation will in that case be cancelled without any financial consequences. A definite booking only applies upon your confirmation.

Your advantages:

• The room of your choice will be blocked for you until the beginning of October.
• Our reminder makes sure, that your reservation will be confirmed in time.
• A definite booking only applies upon your confirmation.
This service makes our own plannings and organisation much easier too as otherwise we can not guarantee
that all our regular guests will receive their favorite room(s) during this special time of the year.