Waldhotel Davos in new hands

The Waldhotel Davos, a historic and renowned hotel, was closed in March 2020. In May of last year, the Davos newspaper said that the building would no longer be operated as a hotel, but that it would be used for something else. As the property manager tells the owner family, various concepts and options for realigning the property have been worked out over the past few months.
During this time, however, there were also new developments in leasing and reopening the Waldhotel. After long negotiations, the owner family finally decided to lease the house to Marietta and Jürg Zürcher, the couple who managed the Sunstar Hotel Davos for a long time.
The hotel will open again for business on 1st July 2021. "Despite other applicants, we decided in favour of the couple Zürcher because we believe that as Davos residents they can best identify with the hotel," explains the property manager. Marietta and Jürg Zürcher are planning to run the hotel as a summer and winter business with a focus on "body and soul".

The hotel is currently being made ready for the future. The entire technological information and communication equipment is being modernised and renewed. In addition, the wellness centre will be given a facelift and the swimming pool technology will be adapted to today's requirements.

"We are really looking forward to the new challenge," says Marietta Zürcher. "The Waldhotel Davos is an absolutely amazing establishment in a privileged location with luxurious rooms and suites and a wonderful view. It was a matter of personal importance to preserve this jewel of the Davos hotel industry for the location, its guests and residents."
The couple has also already given some thought to how work will be allocated. Marietta Zürcher will take over management of the hotel on a full-time basis. Jürg Zürcher, who has been the junior cantonal administrator (executive authority) of the Davos community since 1st January 2021, will support his wife in all matters as time permits for him.


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